Roman Era

In 45 BC Thrace became a Roman province. At the time of the Early Empire /Principat/ the closest big administrative center in the region was Augusta Trayana. On the territory of the Kazanlak valley there were probably small satellite villages, indirect proofs of which are the examined mounds from the Roman Era. It is worth noting that those were located in the Eastern half of the valley. During the 50s of the XX century scientists examined two sanctuaries from the same age near the village of Viden and the town of Kran.

Among the exhibits in the Iskra historical museum one can find objects from discovered funerals – ceramic, metal and glass utensils, ceramic lamps; object related to clothing – parts of a toilet chest, keys, strigils. Chariot elements are also exhibited – metal wheel-rims and an iron chair of a province administrator.

Head of department:

Meglena Parvin

A special spot is dedicated to the consecrated plates found in the two sanctuaries. The majority of them were dedicated to the Thracian horseman – Heros.